How to add a new Device via script with a description?

Using system.device.addDevice I can add devices, but in the help there’s a note that the description field can’t be configured…

Below is a table of properties callable by system.device.addDevice.

Note that the Description and Enabled properties may not be configured with this function, although a device connection could be disabled with a call to system.device.setDeviceEnabled() after creating the connection.

I use the description field to copy the IP address into so that I can quickly see what all device IP addresses are configured as. Otherwise it’s an absolute PITA, especially with >90 devices.

I need to add 20 new devices and I really don’t want to have to set these descriptions up manually :frowning:


I think that the only workaround for now is to write the description in the internal sqlite DB, table DEVICESETTINGS

Yeah :confused:

This will be possible in 8.1.9: