How to add a new row in a table in Ignition Perspective

I wanted to add a new row and new data in a table in Ignition Perspective by using Dataset editor.
I have used "[event.row][event.column] = event.value" to edit the table. I am able to edit the table but I am not able to add new row and data in the table.

How is your tabled filled (where does the data come from) ?

Data comes through the excel sheet which I have imported the excel sheet in table in Ignition Perspective.

So you have a script that imports data from an xls, converts it into a dataset, and assigns it to the table ?

If that's the case, where is that script, what triggers it ?
What do you want to achieve by adding rows to the table ?

I am using this below script to add new row in a table, but only blank row is getting added I am not able to enter any values or add any data in a table.

data = self.getSibling("Table")
newRow =
self.getSibling("Table") = data

You're not answering the questions...

But don't be surprised that the row in empty if you're appending [] to your data. If you want to append data, you need to actually append it...

here's a table:

A button with this script:

def runAction(self, event):
	new_row = {'value': 10, 'square': 10*10}

correctly adds a row with 10 and 100: