How to add a row to a dropdown?

Hello All,

I have a dropdown menu and its data is bound to a named query, now I want to manually add another row to this drop-down, but I can not find any solution for it. Manual suggested using a push-button and use system.dataset.addRow(dataset [, rowIndex], row) but I do not want to do that. Is it possible to add the row inside the named query? The new row is not coming from another database table.

Will it always be the same row that is being added? If so adding it into the named query is a good option.

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Yes, I just want to add the row permenantly. I have read somewhere we can use Union All statements, I am looking into that to see how I can implement it.

UNION would work:

SELECT value_column, label_column FROM my_sql_table
SELECT 'additional_value', 'additional_label'

Thank you very much, Joe! That worked actually. Appreciate it.

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