How to add alarms from a file into Alarm System? [SOLVED]

is there any way to add alarm from an external source (text file), to Ignition alarm system? I.e. like system.tag.storeTagHistory() but for external alarm event?

You can manually insert records into the alarm journal - it’s just two database tables. There’s no equivalent function because external alarm history is a lot less common than external tag history.

Thank you @PGriffith.
Adding a row in “alarm_events”, autogenerate the “id” field. What about the “eventid”? It can be left empty but I suppose the “focus” function in Alarm Journal i.e. will not work. How can I can generate one without conflicting with the Ignition generated ones?
Is preferrable add the external file alarms to the tables with Ignition scripting or can I use an external program ( or DeadLock problem can rise up )?

Any SQL insert will work. The IDs are UUIDs - specifically v4, meaning they’re random. Different DBs have different built-in support for generating them, but because it’s a 128 bit value collisions are extremely unlikely - apparently, you’re mathematically expected to hit a collision around the 2.7 quintillion record mark:

Great! Thank you @PGriffith