How to add components to a container

How can I add different components to a container?
I can’t find any of this in the help… :scratch:


Ok I found it myself, with the help of the old factoryPMI online helpsystem. You have te draw them in to the container. Moving an existing component into the container doesn’t work. :unamused:
It could be very handy if the possibility exists to click&move existing components in to the container, without redrawing them from scratch out of the toolbox.

[update] a existing solution is to simply copy the controls and paste them in the container. All the properties are copied too. Then, you can remove the original one, eventually.


Yeah, you can cut-and-paste existing components into a container.

This is one of things that we’ve been doing for so long it’s like breathing - didn’t even think to put it in the user manual. Thanks for the feedback.

By the way, this is still not in the User Manual.

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I can’t really speak for FPMI’s documentation (which this post was originally discussing), but both Perspective and Vision state that most things (including containers, and their components) can be copied and pasted elsewhere.