How to add extra column in alarm status table in vision

Hi guys,

Is it possible to manually add a new column in the alarm status table in Vision?

Any idea?


I know how to inject user defined columns into the alarm status component's jidetable because I've done it for fun just seeing what I could get away with, but it's not trivial, and I would feel sorry for the subsequent developer that had to maintain the code. I don't imagie a scenario where I would use my jidetable injection method in a production environment.

That said, there are other ways to display information in the preexisting columns [such as the label column], and it is relatively trivial to change the column names. If we can get away with doing that, I strongly recommend it. What do you need to display?


If you look closely in the video of this older post that is actually about manipulating checkbox sizes, you can see where I slyly snuck in my UD columns. Nobody seemed to notice though. lol