How to add line breaks in an emails?

I have a window with a text area that is prefilled in and isn’t changed by the user. I have tried adding line breaks to the preset text with both \n\n python style and by using <HTML>Sentence one.<br><br> style, however when I test these and receive them, there are no line breaks at all.

Is it possible it add line breaks to the email?

Assuming you’re using to send the email try playing with the html flag.

link: sendEmail

It’s working for me without specifying the html flag.
I noticed in the docs:

Using \n in the text area is working as expected when sending emails.

Ah though that does say it autodetects the HTML, I did learn on that page that apparently it should be <HTML><BODY>Sentence one.<br><br> instead of just the <HTML> tag. The <BODY> made it work. Thanks.

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