How to add OSUsername Tag to a reporting page header

Hello, I have a problem where I am trying to append a tag (which tracks the operating system username called OSUsername) to a reporting page. This tag has the correct string value inside of it. I tried to create a string parameter with the value of the tag associated with it, however the header just shows <N/A> when I go to preview.

Is there something else I should be doing that I am missing out on? Thanks!

Reports are generated on the gateway - so they don’t have access to any [System]Client/ tags - including OSUserName. What’s the use case? If you’re using something like Vision’s report viewer, you could add a ‘username’ parameter, and then in the client, bind the ‘username’ param to the [System]Client/OSUsername tag.

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Yep that did the trick perfectly! Thanks for the quick response!