How to Add Pie Chart to Report Table under Groupings

I have a report generated using a Dataset of stats from machine lines & operations. This info is generated and displayed in Table. I'm looking to add a Pie Chart to certain parts of that table.

Here is an example section of some of the data in the Data Key on the table:

On the report, there's a single table that groups by the Line Name and then outputs various info about each OP. Here's a picture of the Table Grouping as well as a snippet of what that report Preview looks like:


Preview Report:

This is great, but the next thing I'm trying to do is:

  1. Use a custom Version Key to identify certain OPs, that we want to show more info for.
    This part is done and I can now identify and change the format on certain OPs. Here shows how B1 OP is identifed and sized differently:

2) I want to put a Pie Chart inside this '08 - B1' section that has Keys 'Discharge' and 'Spoilage' found in the Data Key / Dataset header, then the values of that Pie Chart are the values inside the row in those respective columns.

I can't seem to figure out how to make this work. I think Pie Charts want to use a column as a Key and another column as Values, but I want to use my column names as Keys, then use the values in the row for that OP to be the values in the pie chart.

Hopefully that makes sense!

OK...I may have jumped the gun here...or something hit me when I hit send.

Create a new Dataset that fits the Pie Graph key/value requirements, and then attach that DS to the end of the large Dataset / Data Key being fed into the table.

At that point, I just pointed to that Dataset within the dataset....

Thanks anyway!