How to add "Simulator" and "Generic" devices for the demo project? What is the type of device?

I have a project that had the “Simulator” and the “Generic” devices defined but the devices are deleted. I wonder how I can add these devices which is referenced by the demo project tags.

Devices are not part of a project, so they aren’t in a project export. Nor any tags, for that matter. You need to create the devices manually, and transfer the tags by XML export/import. A gateway backup does have all of this, though.

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To add, to re-create those devices, it will be under Configure -> UPC-UA -> Devices area on the gateway. And near the bottom there will be the simulator and generic tag devices you can create.

I can’t see anything like that. Which module drives that? I’m guessing this has happened because I uninstalled some modules. I’d like to know how to to manually add these devices. The generic and simulator device type are not available.

In 7.9 and earlier versions the simulators are provided by the AB driver module. In 8.0 they are part of the OPC UA module.

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Thanks Kevin, That makes sense. I lost those devices after I deleted the AB module. I think that was why even restoring GW backups didn’t help to bring the devices back. Thanks for the info.