How to add “Simulator” and “Generic” devices for the demo project? What is the type of device?

I am trying to import Demo project to my existing Gateway.
I noticed simulator device should be created manually, so I am trying to create those Simulator, but I do not know which type to choose, then I backup my current gateway and import the whole Demo gateway file, and check the device, noticed the device type is like:

Simulator: Dairy Demo /
Simulator: Generic

But when I can't find such type when I am trying to create Device manually.

The only one I can see is Programmable Device Simulator

Note: The Programmable Device Simulator replaced the previous built-in simulators in earlier versions of Ignition, and combined the Dairy Demo, Generic and SLC simulator device connections into a single driver. Click here for the previous simulator documentation.

There is actually a guide for this.
Programmable Device Simulator - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation


Thanks Andrew!