How to add tag parameters to a Audit table.[IGNITION]

Hi have an Audit_Event table that records any "tag write" data. It is stored in an ignition table and the table is obtained with SQL query. I want to add another column that contains the tag description. the tag descriptions are stored in the path - /TAG_NAME/Parameters.Description. Is it possible to get the path value and add it to the table?
I am trying to figure out a way to do get {[default]//Parameters.Description} and add it to the table.

Hi @Sai_Abhishek_Aravind,

Can you please send a screenshot of your tag {[default]//Parameters.Description} and provide some clarification on what ".Description" is? Is it a custom property, or a parameter defined in a UDT structure? If you post a screen shot of your tag so that we can further test, it'll be helpful.

Here is a system function you can review that might be useful to you: