How to add tags to link Siemens(s71500) DB tags manually


i added s71500 device to ignition,and showed me status is connected. then opened ignition designer to add tags. i am confused about OPC ITEM PATH, what exactly does it mean? could you show me an example on adding tags which link I,Q,M,T,DB

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Attached pictures, please have a look.

The item path needs to have the driver name in square brackets before the rest of the data address. Like so:[S71500]MX0.0

Thanks, i modified the item path, but still not connected and quality is unknown.
please see attached picture.

Not sure. Sounds like one of the communications restrictions you have to relax in the S7 processor. I’ll let one of the Siemens fans take it from here. (-:

@win Check this:

Thanks guys! i got it. i did not set connection mechanism. :smiley: