How to add tags to remote provider?


Not sure if I’ve stumbled upon a bug – or if I’m just missing something… how do you add tags to remote providers in v8? The option to add a new tag or an instance of a new tag is grayed out under my remote provider:
Oddly, I am able to cut/paste “standard” tag types from my local provider to my remote provider with no issue…(not able to cut/paste UDT tags…)

I believe I have my service/security access set up to open everyting up on the gateway hosting my remote provider:

Any ideas?



Hi Paul
Did you solve the problem? I have the same issue.


Are both versions 8.x? Remote editing is not supported across major versions (7.x <-> 8.x), because of the significant differences in backend code.


Yes the version are 8.x towards 7.9 :frowning:

Thank you very much


Hey – yes, both were v8.x – don’t think this specific issue exists in the latest release though…