How to add user user define column on Audit and Alarm

  1. How to add user user define column on Audit

  2. how to add user define column on Alarm

The audit log and alarm tables are stored in the database. This means that you can add whatever columns you want to them. Once you’ve added them, just write your SQL query to pull in the columns you want.

If you are talking about modifying the Alarm Status or Alarm Journal components to show those columns you’ve added, then you can’t. You will have to use the Table component and write your own query.

Did you get this working? I am looking at same issue now, I can run a query to add in a user comment, but it means there are two entries on the Audit Events Table, my scripted event and the event generated automatically. What I really want is to append a comment onto the action being performed that will automatically be created.

Is this still the case?