How to Add Web browser in Ignition

Hello friends,

I am using siemens PLC-1515 & Ignition V7.9 SCADA.
Siemens PLC has option web server by using this option the total PLC diagnostic can be open on HMI/SCADA with the help of web browser page just by putting IP address of PLC.
Siemens HMI/Scada have facility to open web browser and see the diagnostic.

The More details of above points are avilabe on below link

I want to open Siemens PLC Diagnostic in Ignition SCADA.

So Is it possible to open web browser in Ignition?
how to add web browser in ignition?


Do you have the Web Browser module licensed and installed on your gateway?

Hi Kevin,

Web Browser & others licenses are available at client location.
Currently i am using trials version of ignition till the FAT of my machine.
web browser module not installed on gateway.
so is it possible to use trials version of web browser module?
also please share the link of web browser module to download.

Thanks for your quick replay

It’s available on this page:

Select a different Ignition version from the dropdown if appropriate.