How to address data in an XY chart for embedded lists

I'm having a bit of trouble enacting this statement form the data source portion of the XY chart:

The y value key from the specified data source to be used in this series. Value is a string value if the data source is a dataset or an array of objects. Value is an index if the data source is an array of arrays.

The data I have looks like this (actual data is blanked out):

Does anyone have a screenshot of how to address that on the x and y of the series data?



i think you will have to format the data to fit the normal scheme

what the diffrence between OEE[0][0] OEE[0][1] OEE[1][0] OEE[1][1] ? why did they have to be a double array? can you not devide it into multiple ‘sources’
(so instead of oee array turn it into OEE_0 OEE_1 …

what are you trying to display

@victordcq we ended up splitting it into multiple sources.

Thanks for your response.


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