How to adjust build date with maven build module

In the build pom, with

the module gateway page mention :
1.0.0 (b0)

How to set the build date like IA module :
1.0.0 (b2016030813)

1.0.0 ${}
don’t work.


The gateway simply extracts the fourth element of your version number and formats it as “b(nnnnnnnn)”. In your final .modl file, you should end up with:<version></version>Note that each element of a version must fit within a 32-bit integer, so you can’t just go wild. I format the build date as “YYMMDDHHmm”, which will work for the next several years.
I haven’t switched to maven yet, so you’ll have to work out how to format and insert the build date in your pom.xml.

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Adding this code into the pom do the job !