How to assign HRBCD_32 Addresses?

Ignition 7.8.2


If you were trying to get the values from say holding register 10 and 11 the syntax would be HRBCD_3210?

How do you properly complete the address formula for any given address?

Ex. Holding register 4051 would look like what?

HR=Holding Registers. So if you wanted to read the value from address 40001 (Which is the first address of the Holding Registers) you would want this HR1

4051(I’ve only ever seen 5 digit or 6 digit Modbus so I’m assuming you mean 40051) should look like this HR51, but if you do actually mean Modbus address 44051 then it would look like this HR4051

HRBCD_32 for 2 consecutive Holding Registers with BCD conversion.

I think you are correct with HRBCD_3210, but I’ve never tried it so not guaranteed!

Why don’t you try it with a ModBus simulator if you don’t have your hands on the actual hardware at present?

HRBCD_32 is the correct syntax. Did you get this working?

I don’t think you understand. I know its HRBCD_32. My question for my holding register 10 example would it be HRBCD_3210? Or HRBCD_32.10? Or even HRBCD_32_10?

It would be HRBCD_3210

Thank you!