How to Auto-Accept Self Signed Module Certs When Deploying Ignition with Docker

We are getting ourselves up to speed with how to deploy Ignition to the cloud. The question of this post is what should we be doing to make it so that self signed certificates on our modules are automatically accepted?

Once we open the Ignition gateway running in a container we see this;

In the docker file we point to the module which is located in our GIT repo like this:

COPY ./Walmart-SSO-signed.modl /usr/local/bin/ignition/user-lib/modules/Walmart-SSO-signed.modl

Is there something we can specify in the docker file or in the yml file that will make the certificate acceptance happen automatically?



You’ll want to achieve this by creating your own derived image (as it looks like you’re already doing). A multi-stage build is ideal for this, as it allows you to use some custom helper scripts (perhaps with their own dependencies) without them (or those dependencies) ending up in the final image.

Take a look at this demo video: adhoc-00004.mp4

It describes how the functionality in this attached solution works and some insights on the “why”.

See here for a GH repo with the content from the demo video: thirdgen88/ignition-derived-example

@kcollins1 thanks for this reference, we were able to use the called from our Docker file and now the modules will register correctly at time of container run.



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