How to Automate Image Uploads from Directory on Client System

I am designing a user interface for an optical system that takes pictures at regular intervals of objects on a conveyor belt. As pictures are taken and saved to the PC that the client is running on, I would like to be able to display these image as thumbnails along the bottom of the screen so that the user can see the last 10 or so images that have been captured. Think of something similar to the photo roll at the bottom of the photos app on a typical smartphone.

I'm aware that I can put an image component in my window and then bind the image directory to something that's been uploaded to the Image Management tool, but how can I automate this via scripting so that the most recently captured image is always displayed in the rightmost image object, with the second most recently captured image shown second from the right, and so on?

Is what I am describing possible?

Thank you.

It sounds like you are developing in Vision. Add the tag to your question title or you may cause some confusion.

Thanks, good call. Tag added.

The simplest solution is to run a Vision Client timer event that scans the directory for new files, comparing against the last results kept in a project script module top-level variable. Store relevant information in a Vision Client Tag for the UI to bind against.

This solution worked. Thanks for your reply and suggestion.