How to avoid to reload a web browser content in HTML?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem on designig my GUI with Ignition 7.9.

I have a web browser module on the first page which the content is HTML code (widget for meteorology). The problem is, when I clik on a button which allows me to go to an other page, if I come back to the first page by cliking on a button in my second page, the web browser displays 2 times the html content. And if I do the same thing again, it will have 3 meteo in the web browser.

Does anyone got the solution ? Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you talking about navigating to another web page in the browser, or navigating to another Ignition vision window? Would you be able to post the HTML code here so that I can try to replicate the behavior?

Thank you Adam but I don’t get the issue anymore, I found another solution to avoid that.

Is it possible to navigate to another vision window from a link the the web browser component? This would help me out in a current project of mine

It is possible to add scripting to the web browser module to do so - but it will take some fairly advanced knowledge of Java and Python to translate the code. A Java-based example is available here:

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