How to backfill missed tag data from wireless instruments

My apologies if this is an obvious question as I’m still learning this system:

We are building a system which pulls in instrument data wirelessly to a gateway server which then connects to Ignition through OPC-UA. Data is tagged and historized in the normal fashion. The problem we have is that if the wireless network goes down anywhere, tag/historical data flatlines as no change is registered by Ignition.

I believe that I can upgrade our wireless modules to record data locally, with a timestamp. What I would like to do is be able to pull in missed data (either manually or automatically) and then push it into the historian with the correct timestamp. The issue of course is that for this to work, I would have to go “back in time” in order for the data to arrange itself properly. Can anyone provide guidance on how to do this?? Thank you in advance for your advice!

I think the simplest solution would be Ignition Edge Enterprise at each location, with tag history forwarding to your gateway. With store and forward turned on.

If you’d like to do it via scripting check out

We do something similar and use it to add data from sensors that have been storing to the cloud for a while before we got around to adding it to a project

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Thanks to both of you for your responses. I would think rpulsifer’s approach is closer to what I’m looking to do… I will give this a try and let everyone know how it goes. Thanks!