How to Bind a query tag value to a component prop

I have a query tag (“Downtime”) that returns 10 Rows x 3 Column Dataset, column 0 has integer values only.
I need to bind one of my components value to that query Dataset-Row 0, Column 0 value.
I haven’t been able to do it and keep getting “Ilegal character” Error when selecting the tag path.

any clue what am I missing here? …

In an expression, use {path to tag}[subscript1,subscript2].

{[default]Toledo/AGM Assy/General/Downtime/AssyDownTime}[0,0]

Yes, you were right… That worked!
thank you

Actually I think you’re looking for:
AssyDownTime (‿|‿)


You are a bad boy, Nick. (:

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