How to bind the property of a table in one window into another window in vision

i have one window in which there is a power table bind with SQL query.i have also one popup window which includes label text. i want to open a popop by clicking on button(named add ) and write the text on label and click save button in popup, and the data should be updated in table and database will get update after clicking on save button on popup window.

If your power table is bound to a SQL query, then updating the database will automatically update table. The only thing that could be required for the result to immediately show would be a system.db.refresh()

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You can pass values from one Vision window to another using client tags. These act rather like global variables.

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You cannot bind directly from one window to another. As @Transistor notes, Vision client tags are the most convenient alternative, when bound bidirectionally in both windows.

A script in one window can also "look up" another window's window object, and then drill down into it from its .rootComponent property to get a component, and then read/assign values.