How to bind the realtime values of an easy chart to a table?

Is it possible to bind the real time values of an Easy Chart to a Table? The datas in the Table has to update automatically with respect to the change in the real time trend in the Easy Chart. Please tell me how to do this? Are there any SQL Queries or Scriptings needed to do this?

You can bind the table’s data to a “Tag History” binding using “Historical” mode. In that mode you can bind the start date and end date to the Easy Chart’s start date and end date. That wil bring back the same data.

It works but I am trying to have the table in a different way. For example, if I have an easy chart for temperatures of a two sections namely Cement Mill 1 and Cement Mill 2, then I want the table like this:

Section Inlet Temperature in Deg C Outlet Temperature in Deg C
Cement Mill 1 x y
Cement Mill 2 x y

where ‘x’ and ‘y’ are real time temperature values. As the trend changes, the values in the table should also change. Please tell me how to do this?

In my last post, the table format I typed got messed. I have attached the image showing the table format I want:

As I have said, x and y are realtime temperature values that has to change as easy chart changes.

If you have an easy chart with some range of data displayed, what values should be the x and y for the two mills? Are they the latest one on the graph? Not sure what you are getting at.

Yes, x and y are the latest values in the graph.
I just want the table to get updated automatically to the latest values of the graph.

Ok, well you can do what I mentioned earlier. You can add a custom property to the root container that is a dataset. Bind the dataset to a “Tag History” binding using “Historical” mode. You can bind the start and end date to the Easy Chart’s start and end date. That will bring back the same data.

Then you can add some label’s on the screen that pull out the last record of data with an expression:try({Root Container.dataset}[len({Root Container.dataset})-1, "ColName"], 0.0)There is no way right now through binding to get the last value from a time period with one binding.