How to browse Data Types?


In v7.9 I had a script that would browse my data types and make an instance of each in a folder.

In v8 that script doesn’t work any more. I think the problem is a tag.browseTags that fails:

system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="[underscore]types[underscore]/ObjectTypes", recursive=1)
(Typing underscore around a word here apperently italizes it)

In v8 this browseTag call returns an empty array.

Does anyone know how to browse the ‘Data Types’ folder?


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browseTags has been replaced with browse
This should get you started

tags = system.tag.browse( '[default]_types_' )
print 'tags',type(tags)
for tag in tags.getResults():
	print type(tag), tag

Since getResults() returns a dictionary it’s much easier to find what you’re interested in and use additional system.tag.browse commands to examine each individual UDT or individual tag as needed.

@martinel3746 Thanks!