How to bypass Ignition login screen and log in directly using IdP

We’re building a public-facing web application for our customers. I’m trying to get the login process as lean as possible, for obvious ID10T reasons.

I successfully set up an IdP (Okta) and set the security level for Perspective to Authenticated, and am able to log in that way right now. When I open a session for the project that is using my new IdP, I am greeted with a Perspective login page with a button that says CONTINUE TO LOG IN, which, when pressed, will forward me to the Okta login, then back to a Perspective login page where I click a button, and then to the desired page.

Here is the Perspective login screen I’m talking about:

Then, when I click CONTINUE TO LOG IN, it takes me to this page:

where I can then log in.

My question: is there a way to skip the Perspective login page and show to IdP login page right away? Looking at the Identity Provider Authentication Workflow page makes me think that step is mandatory. However, I wish so badly that I am mistaken.

Any input will be appreciated.

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In your Perspective URL, replace "client" with "login" to bypass this page. Just note that this is an undocumented feature. More info here:

I don’t know if I’m understanding you correctly, but when I replace http://<server_ip>:8088/data/perspective/client/customerportal/portal with the http://<server_ip>:8088/data/perspective/login/customerportal/portal, I get an HTTP 404 error. Is this what you had in mind?

Yeah, that’s the idea, but it’s undocumented, so the behavior is likely unpredictable.
I’ve found that replacing “client” with “login” only works on the root page of the Perspective project.

Try removing the “portal” portion of the URL, as in:

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Sweet, that got rid of the first Perspective screen, but after I log in using IdP credentials, I still get the second Perspective screen, which I need to click Continue to Log In to see the page.

I don’t know why the second Perspective Log In page shows, its pretty random as far as I can tell. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I get my application after Okta log in.

A new auto-login feature was added to Perspective in 8.1.8. See:


Same question for Vision. Is there a method of skipping the login page and redirecting to IDP login if it is needed?