How to cancel gateway script?

Hi, how do I cancel a script that is running on the gateway? I accidentally created an infinite loop and is consuming all memory, everything is unresponsive. What do I do?

Restart the gateway.

Thanks for the response, the script is on gateway startup, what do I do after clicking restart gateway? Does it give me time to enter the designer and publish the script fixed?

Are you on an 8.X version of Ignition?

You can go into the filesystem and mark the project in question disabled; that will prevent the startup script from running.

Navigate to wherever Ignition is installed, then find the data/projects folder. Open the folder with the name of your project, then open the project.json file. Change the enabled key from true to false, save the file, then restart your gateway.


You will almost certainly have to restart the gateway to kill off the last remnants.

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