How to cancel script console execution

I started a script console that has an infinite loop. Is there any way to cancel execution other than closing designer? The execute button stays pressed and if I close and reopen the console, it is still running.

There is not - there’s no way to interrupt the thread that’s running.

Even super old VBA/VBS can be interrupted in infinite loops. I think its wierd that ignition/Jython does not have this safe guard to force cancel a loop or struck process without having to kill the whole computer.

Exaggerating for effect? You just have to kill the designer from your task manager.


When I am testing loops I always put a conditional in it

i = 0
While i <=20000 and myOtherCondition:
     do whatever

20000 is just arbitrary, you can set it to whatever you want. Can even do a check on a boolean tag, then have a client open with a button for the boolean while testing loops in the designer