How to capture all changes made by a client?

Is there any way to capture all changes made by a client, like when a button is pushed, this to have better security if an error occurs, then I could see when and who produced the error. Is there any other way to do this than set an alarm?

There is an auditing feature in Ignition, but it doesn’t have built-in functionality for logging component events. You can use scripts on event handlers for components to capture various events executed by a user, whether it’s a click, key press, etc. In that script you would write to a database, passing whatever information you want to a table, including user name and user IP. You can get user information via client tags.

OK, thanks for the help, I will try to learn more about scripting first :wink:

Just as a tip, you should consider a global script module, and then you can call that module from the individual event handler scripts, passing along whatever pertinent information you want to that global module. That way, if you decide to make a change that affects all of the components’ scripts, you don’t have to edit all of those individual scripts, you can just change the global module. For more information about using module scripts: … odules.htm

Thanks for the tip, now I can continue.