How to change an object's color

Hi All,
I have many years of experience in other SCADA such as WinCC, Citect, iFix etc, but recently touched Ignition, I am struggling on a very simple function in other SCADA system, it’s how to change an object’s color, e.g, I has a pump in PLC, obviously SCADA graphic should has a pump symbol, which represent its running, stop, fault status by color Green, Red, Yellow respectively, but I cannot find a way how to change the symbol’s color accordingly, or 3 color objects overlay and use visibility to appear one of status, kindly advise
My Ignition V8.016, trial license,


It is simple. Just copy the symbol and put it overlay. Then make it union and change its color to transparent red for off mode and green for on mode.
For more details you should watch university video.

Vision or perspective?

It is for vision. For perspective if you use svg you should see element property for it. Browse it and find the part you want to change color and find fill property and change the color as you wish.

For Vision, I’m not a fan of this method as you end up with washed out symbols. If colour blend modes were supported it would be a different story.
I like to colour the SVG components directly using expression bindings with a cases statement to read the status tag value and then the cases to link to client tags that store colour values.


case(tag({Root Container.DeviceTagPath} + '/Status Desc'), 
    , 'Stopped', {[Client]Styles/Colours/Devices/Stopped}
    ,... Etc

Otherwise, you can use the style customiser but then you can’t use global colour definitions

nader thank your advice,
but I found some symbols in Ignition library there are only one color like gray, I can’t find other color like red and green, so no way to overlay multiple symbols to display individual as per linked tag,
typically Valves and pumps run/stop status, they are only gray color symbols available

The symbol from Symbol Factory is just a group of objects. You can dive into the group and colour each component individually, or this is what Nader is talking about below.
First duplicate the symbol group and then go to Shape->Union. This would flatten the symbol into a single component. You can then colour it with a slightly transparent colour e.g. green and overlay it on top of the original symbol.

Thanks nminchin
got it!