How to change bottom footer color of Alarm Status table (perspective) through CSS file configuration, I could able to change top header colors but not the bottom one?

A “bottom header” is known as a “footer”. It might help to mention “Vision table” “Perspective alarm status table” in your question title and use the Perspective tag. Delete the “plz help” as all questions are looking for help.

It isn’t a Vision table. It is a Perspective alarm status table.


Thanks, but I didn’t got a solution for my question

That footer actually comes from the pager.css file rather than the alarm-table.css file. Try changing the

.ia_pager {
    background-color: #YourNewColor;

in the common/pager.css file in whatever theme you’re using.

Be careful though, because this pager is used everywhere else as well, so the change will apply to all the table components and alarm journal components too!

Well…!! Its working. Thanks

I think this would be safer and a bit more targeted, leaving standard Table components unaffected.

.alarmTable > .ia_pager {
    background-color: #YourNewColor;
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