How to change Gateway Timezone?


We have some few challenges:

  1. When we run SELECT NOW(); statement in MySQL Browser it returned ‘2010-08-17 17:24:51’ as a result. When we used same query in FactoryPMI Text Field the result is ‘2010-08-18 05:56:28’.

  2. We have a Text Field in our Window which has ‘2010-08-12 00:00:00’ as text. When we used ‘dateFormat({Root Container.nfDateRange.Text}, “dd MMMM yyyy”)’ in Expression for the Label, it is showing ‘11 August 2010’ .

  3. We have two components (one Calendar, one Date Range) in our Window. We mapped these two by setting Date (immediate) of the Calendar to StartDate of Date Range and dateArithmetic(date, 1, “day”) as EndTime. When we click on ‘2010-08-18’, the Date Range showing 2010-08-18 : 2010-08-19 which is correct. When we click on 2010-08-12 and again click on 2010-08-18 then it shows 2010-08-12 : 2010-08-18 which is incorrect.

Are these problems are related to Gateway Timezone ?. How to change the Gateway Timezone ?. Currently we have "America/Los_Angeles [GMT-8:00] " as our Time zone. Shall we change to India Timezone ?.

The Gateway will take the timezone from the host OS, so you should be able to simply change the timezone in Windows and restart the Gateway.

Thanks Carl. All the above challenges are related to Time Zone only ?

Yes, they are all related to timezones, but don’t be fooled: timezone issues can be extremely confusing.

You have 1) timezone of the server 2) timezone patches for the OS due to DST changes 3) timezone patches for Java 4) timezone settings in the database 5) and 1-3 for client machines as well.

Thank you Carl.

I am getting the same problem:
PC is Win 10 Time 8:49 pm
PC Timezone (UTC -8:00) Pacific Time
Gateway Time 10:49 pm
Gateway Timezone GMT-5:00

No matter what I change the Timezone to on my PC, the Gateway Timezone is always GMT-5:00