How to change Ignition project(s) default save location

Hello, New to Ignition, working with 8.1.7 and hopefully in the right place to ask here and I’m not missing something obvious. But by default Ignition stores new project files in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation… If I want to save to a network/UNC path, how/where do I change that? Ultimately we will use a source code management system, probably Git, but for now would like to default and save to/from a central location. Thanks!

Don’t! You will be tempted to point more than one server at given projects and misery will ensue. (Or you will accidentally do so.)

Git is the Right Answer™.

This is technically possible by adding an additional parameter to ignition.conf (-Dignition.projects.dir=...) but I would not recommend doing this.

You are not gaining anything by relocating just project files to a central location (and one that likely has significantly slower IO at that).

Set up automatic gateway backups and store those at a network location instead.

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Thanks to both of you for the good info. Do you have any info/suggestions on the usage of Git with Ignition (documents/links, etc)? I’m a little new to Git too, sorry. I found one ‘You Tube’ hit on using it and got it to work, pushed the files, etc., but it was using Git’s command line interface to make it work, which would be a little cumbersome for most of us. Thanks again.

I’m probably not the right one to ask–my base OS is Kubuntu and I do all my git activities on the command line. I have no idea what GUI tools are available for git in Windows.