How to change info of default ignition

Hi all,
Has someone tried to hide the ignition logo or text on window title and windows?

I want to use my own logo and other infomation. Please hint me if you know. Thanks a lot.

You can select the logo of the application in the project settings:

This doesn’t change the login screen though. One solution for this is to design your own login screen. You can do that by creating an auto-login account (with no rights) that takes you to a custom screen, and implement your own screen to switch users and pages.

IA doesn’t recommend this as a secure practice. People do it anyway, but it’s not a good idea.

Is there a secure method to do this on the way?

We’ve gotten all kinds of requests, and usually work around it with an auto login account:

  • Login from tag readers
  • Always show machine status, but require login to change something
  • Auto login to a certain page based on hostname or ip

Changing the logo (as the OP mentioned) was only the most simple request we’ve ever got regarding changing the login method.

I’ve gotten a similar request to implement RFID logins. I was going to implement something similar to what you’re suggesting: default auto-login that takes you to a screen where ‘actual’ logins can occur (since I need to hide the input field).

If there is a better, more secure way then I’d love to know how.

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Carl’s 2017 ICC security talk (Steps for Protecting Your Ignition System) explains why it was insecure and some steps we took in 7.9 to make it more secure:

It would be nice if there was a gateway event script that could be called for client connect requests for that project, prior to the login screen. Which could evaluate the connection origin and properties and inject a user session where appropriate. No need for a password to cross the wire and no need to rely on code running in a hijackable client. And for user sources under the gateway’s control, no need to have the password in the script at all.

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Thanks all for your advice. Auto login is a solution as far. I got ‘white label ignition’ when I browse the related topics. Is White label ignition a way to solve this matter? Actually I know nothing about ‘white label ignition’. Does anyone know about it?Thanks a lot.

White labeling is typically for OEMs who want to embed or distribute Ignition under their own branding. You’d have to talk to your sales rep for more details.