How to change mouse script easily

I have found that mouse clicked events dont capture very well. I have many widgets that use popups with passed parameters for indirect tags. Is there a quick way to change mouse clicked script events to mouse pressed events and retain all the properties and scripting. I want the script to remain the same just use a different event.

Vision or Perspective? In Perspective you could copy the view as json and edit it there then past back. In Vision, you can grab a coffee and then sit there doing it manually :slight_smile:

Vision unfortunately

I think the XML export/import option will help. (Shift-right-click on the window in the designer tree for the extra menu options.)

That XML is pretty crazy though, especially for bindings…

Does the clicked event use some system parameter? What’s odd is im running this same app on two different pcs, and one works almost flawlessly for clicks of the mouse, while the other one is extremely sporadic sometime taking 6 or more tries to get a click to register. I didn’t do the PC images, but pretty sure they are network image installs exactly the same. So I would expect the system mouse settings would be the same, but I’ll double check tomorrow.

The mouseClicked events cause a lot of problems. See this post for more details.

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