How to change tag readout from JSON to a JSON parsed format

Good afternoon All! How can I change this tags readout from JSON to JSON parsed, like an array - on the tag level or is that possible? Its being read from an RFID reader, Impinj, is the brand.


Oh, how I wish that's how document/JSON tags worked.

You can explode them out one by one yourself by setting up derived tags that use jsonGet and jsonSet expressions to target each of the members you're interested in. There's a few posts about it on the forums here, mostly in regards to structure values coming Siemens S7-1500 OPC UA servers, but it's all the same.

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I half expected that, lol! Thanks for letting me know to use jsonGet and jsonSet in an expression.

"I apologize for not having an answer, but I have a question instead. Could you please explain how you managed to connect the Impinj reader in the Ignition configuration page?"

I'm also interested how connected RFID, any info?

I've done a lot of RFID recently. All I do is connect the device masters to a PLC using a generic ethernet module, and then, on the ignition side, I simply use normal OPC tags to interface with the PLC.

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