How to check the value of Numeric Text Field is manually changed or changed by script/binding

I want to check the value of Numeric Text Field is changed from client and not by binding/script. I am using this Numeric Text Field for recipe, which will have value from MSSQL. When I change the recipe number from dropdown the value of Numeric Text Field will changed from script. If operator changes Numeric Text Field value manually. I need to highlight it and update it to the MSSQL table.

Please help.

Usually I will have a Save button to commit changes to recipes to the database. In this case I would just have a script on the save button to get the values of all of the recipe data fields, then write them into the table all at once.

Thanks for reply nminchin, actually we also doing same thing. but I would like to show the recipe change log (Which value of recipe changed), hence checking with forum that could we get the value change event which will only activate, when value changed from client and not from script/code.

If the user doesn’t choose to save the recipe though and you detect a change regardless and write to the audit log, it would be a false log.

Where I’ve wanted to detect a change, I’ve created another parameter on each recipe field component called something like originalValue. When you load the recipe, write the values to both the component text field and the original value. Then when the user changes the value, you can tell using the originalValue property. Then when the user saves the recipe, you can check which fields have changed and write to the audit log as required

Thanks, That will work. I will do accordingly.