How to close a popup window when navigate to another Page


I open a popup window that aplies to a Page

but when I navigate to another page the popup window doesn´t disapear.

How could I do for the popup window dissapear when I navigate to any other Page?

Option 1: Make it modal so that you can't click on the background page without closing the popup first.
Option 2: Set overlayDismiss to true. Then if you click outside the popup it automatically closes.

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Design comment: when I see a green background on the dialog what am I supposed to think?

  • Is it telling me something I don't understand?
  • Does it mean it is safe? Would it be red if it was not safe?
  • Is it the company brand color and is used all through the application?
  • Is it just there because the designer thought it was pretty?

Be consistent. If it is a standard dialog then use standard dialog background color.

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Thanks for the input Transistor, now I just using the green color to aprove data, and red color to reject it on the DB.

Probably is good Idea to make it more light