How to connect a device to MQTT Transmission

I am trying to build a case on why my site should purchase ignitionSCADA. To do that I am providing an example of a system for monitoring tanks.

I have setup the Transmission, Distributor and Engine modules in Ignition following the recommended videos. But I am trying to connect a TCG140-4a device to my ignitionSCADA server to show its status from a sensor connected to the device. I have setup the device to use MQTT. I can see the device on a MQTT Explorer looking at my ignitionSCADA server, so I know the device is talking to the localhost server.

But I cannot figure out how to see the device in the designer or create a tag for the digital inputs so I can link it to a visual. Please help. Let me know what further detail I need to supply. Thank you

Use Sparkplug B as the MQTT Protocol! Everything will work flawlessly then.

Because it’s awesome and really the best platform out there. :slight_smile: