How to connect Athena to ignition?

I am new to ignition and would like to connect athena and fetch some data...
Not able to find clear documentation in this regard.

I don't know of a direct connector. My guess is you would need to use Ignition to collect data and store it in a relational database. Once it's in the database, Amazon Athena can access it.

Edit: Nevermind, I think you're asking about sending data to Athena from Ignition. In which case, I agree with Kathy here.

I've never looked into Athena at all (just did a search out of curiosity), but it does appear there is a JDBC driver. Might be able to import and explore there? I've never tried using a JDBC driver that wasn't part of the Ignition Documentation, so not sure what speedbumps could be there.


@ grietveld @ KathyApplebaum Thanks for your responses,

I am trying to fetch my data from AWS using Athena,
I want to bring the data and store it in Ignition for visualization. I've tried adding a new JDBC driver but cannot connect Athena to the ignition.

Now I am able to connect, just tried a different version of JDBC by Amazon. :slight_smile: