How to connect Ignition UA Server to UaExpert client

When I try to connect “UaExpert” (OPC UA Client of Unified Automation) to Ignition UA Server,
there is a message box “The X509 extensions of the certificate provided by the server are not compliant to the UA specification”. “AuthorityKeyIdentifier is missing”.
When I display the certificate properties, “The certificate is self-signed, and is not found in the list of trusted certificates”.
If I accept the certificate, an error is displayed “BadUserAccessDenied”.
It seems to be a problem with the certificate, but I don’t know much about it…
Thanks for any help !

You’ll want to make sure that if Ignition’s OPC-UA Server has a username/password configured that UaExpert is trying to connect with the same username/password.

You can edit the settings for Ignition’s OPC-UA Server on the Configure page of the Web Gateway under OPC-UA -> Settings. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Is this setting under Authentication or under Store tab?