How to connect Rockwell compact logic to ignition system

My customer using ignition and they will like to connect my plc. I check some video and I see only need to add ignition configuration opc from ignition and my plc only provide ip address then hit connect can direct browse my plc tag ? So my plc CompactLogix 5380 , don’t need programming or coding ? Just regular tag from plc , ignition can direct read or control the tag ?

I see opc just built in on ignition software


The docs should help you on this,

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Download Ignition, install and try it out. You just have to reset the trial every two hours.

Yes, Ignition’s OPC server will allow you to browse the tags in your PLC.

I’m not sure what question you’re asking here. The PLC will need programming in order to perform it’s intended function. There is no additional configuration, aside from general communications, needed for Igntion to connect to the PLC.

Ignition comes with a OPC-UA server. The AB Device Driver, allows for OPC subscriptions to be made to the PLC. However, there are some caveats to the best way to configure Ignition to work with AB devices.

Also, avoid adding tags to ignition that you don’t need in Ignition. Don’t just drag the entire Controller folder into ignition.

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