How to connect TCP driver device

I am trying to connect one of my device which is support TCP/IP and SCPI Language, which is Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) is an ASCII-based instrument command language.
I created the connection using TCP driver , and it shows devices is connected.
And I go to OPC quick client with Subscription , I can see value in "MessageBytes" is updating, though I can't Parse the byte to what I real need, but at least something is coming in, but nothing displays at "Message" address.

And when I import the tags into designer, and I can see a "Array[0]" shows at "MessageBytes" .

Can anyone guide me on how this can work. There is very limited technical document I can find in user manual and university videos, thanks in advance.

Hello Lina_Su,

Are you able to confirm that your TCP Device is sending a message properly? A wireshark may help troubleshoot here.

But I would recommend opening up a support ticket with us so that a Support Engineer can help you troubleshoot this further.

I am also facing same issue. Any update on this?

I did not work it out yet, but I find project shared by other guys, should be helpful, you can study, we can discuss.

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