How to connect the ignition OPC UA sever with prosys client?

How to connect the OPC UA sever with prosys client?
Using prosys example opc ua client (Prosys-OPC-UA-Java-SDK-Client-Server-Evaluation-1.3.0-3321 ignition 7.5.1 )to connect to ignition (OPC UA Severignition 7.5.1 ),but failed . please tell me how can I solve the problem,thank you very much.

I’m waiting on Prosys to receive an evaluation version of their SDK so I can troubleshoot this.

Thanks , From you can downloaded the sourse code.

The latest version of the Prosys SDK is able to connect to my development Ignition UA server without issues, but I do see the error messages you’re getting when connecting to a 7.5.1 release Ignition UA server.

This means that my current UA interop work has fixed the issue, so the next Ignition beta or release version will contain the fixes necessary to get rid of the errors.

Thanks ,I am waiting. when the next version is published?

Ignition 7.5.2 beta 3 is currently available. In 2-3 weeks the stable release should be available on the website.

I had uncommitted changes when beta3 was published, it may not be fixed in that version. Should be in beta4 or the final though.