How to connect to MQTT over TLS with company certificates

Hello Team,

We are working on project at the company where we are trying to connect to MQTT Distributor (MQTT over TLS) installed in Ignition :

  • The connection to MQTT (1883) is working good.
  • The connection to MQTT over TLS (8883) is working only with MQTT Engine of the Ignition Gateway (Internally)
  • The problem is trying to connect to MQTT over TLS/SSL with company certificates.

We have two questions :

  • What are the required ports to open between device and Ignition Gateway to ensure this connection (MQTT over TLS/SSL) ? knowing that is secured at the company (it will be good to know if there is other ports to open in addition to 8883) ?
  • From the client side (MQTT Transmission), what are the certificates required to ensure the connection with Ignition Gateway in MQTT over TLS ?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: