How to convert aPMI project to Ignition Vision Panel Edition

I am a current user of Factory PMI/SQL. I want to try using Ignition Vision Panel Edition. Can I just convert one of my projects to Ignition Vision Panel Edition? I tired to use the upgrade option under backup/resore, but I had to major problems:
When I tried to restore the PMI backup, the text said everything worked great, but the projects are not in the system? I cannot tell that it did anything.
When I tried to restore the SQL backup, there were no options in map to drop down list for the database connections, but it would not let me proceed without a selection, even if I unchecked importing the database.

What version of Ignition do you have? We have fixed quite a few legacy restore problems. The latest version right now is 7.1.6 online. You may want to upgrade first.

I just downloaded it yesterday. I am running 7.1.6 (b5739).

Can you upload your wrapper.log so we can see what happened during the restore? If you can upload your FactorySQL or FactoryPMI projects to we can try it here.