How to Copy/Paste UDT definition?

(This is in 8.1.15 under Linux)

In my test project I have a single UDT that I want to duplicate and make some changes to in order to create a second UDT. I can right click on the original UDT and select Copy, but there seems to be no place where I can click in order to correctly select Paste. The only mouse target seems to be the original UDT that I copied. This results in an error message saying that I am trying to nest UDT definitions. This occurs no matter where I right click within the UDT definitions tab.

So how do I duplicate a UDT without doing an Export/Import?

Note that I can right click anywhere within the UDT definitions tabs and sucessfully select New Tag/New Data Type


Make a new folder and paste it in there.

Stamps foot But I don’t want to make a new folder!!!

It can be temporary, just change the name and get rid of the folder. I see what you are saying though, would be nice if it would work like normal tags and append _0.

I really hate inconsistancey

I've got a solution for you!

  1. Select the UDT that you want and "Copy"
  2. while holding CTRL select the currently selected UDT which should De-Select it leaving nothing selected.
  3. Paste, and you should end up with a copy of the UDT with the " 1" modifier.

You are Welcome....

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