How to Correctly use json Body in HTTP Binding

I can’t make the request to work while using http binding. The method for this API is POST and it expects a JSON in the body.


But with the binding

Looks like an HTTP binding can’t follow a redirect?

Right, the 301 is saying so. It would be great to have a field to set a maximum redirect number or the chance to edit the manifest.json.

I think the is not solution for this one haha, hello

has there not been a solution for this problem?

Have you heard the phrase "red-headed stepchild" ? HTTP Bindings fit the stereotype. The solution is to use in a script.

{ To clarify: I'm not a fan of HTTP bindings at all. }

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Phil's suggestion aside, it doesn't look like any IA staff ever saw or responded to this and presumably no support ticket was ever opened, because I can't find any corresponding issue.

I seem to be getting the same type errors with the httpClient as there doens't seem to be a way to send a "body" with the POST command. So circle of failure?

Why don't you start a new thread with the code you're using. You can certainly POST data with

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Do note in the docs that all of the methods take one or more keyworded arguments, among which are various options for sending a body.